Review of A Study In Emerald

Imagine a time when the Great Old Ones are already here. The leaders of the world are beholden and complicit in the enslavement of humanity. Some of these leaders are monsters. In Berlin, “The Burrower Beneath” reigns supreme. In Rome,… Read More ›

A Review of Dark Moon

Written by Scott Bogen of The Board Game Show First there was the Battlestar Galactica of my youth, featuring a male Starbuck, a mechanical dog named “Muffit” and a weekly story to capture my imagination. I remember being in grade… Read More ›

A Review of The King is Dead

When a game promises “politics and power struggles in the dark Arthurian Britain” and only eight actions per player, per game, the money flies out of my wallet. The promise of simple game mechanics that belie a deeper, strategic experience… Read More ›