A Warfighter Story and Review — Baker and the Drug Huts

What follows is a thematic story “review” based on my recent solitaire session of Warfighter by DVG. Warfighter is a card-based tactical game of modern warfare, focusing on smaller groups of soldiers who are undertaking missions through enemy territory. As… Read More ›

A Review of Blend Off

You might think fruit and vegetable laden smoothies have been around maybe two or three decades at most.  But if you consider that human beings will always find every possible way to use a new technology, you’ll understand that the… Read More ›

A Review of Above and Below

Sometimes your fantasy village is ransacked and destroyed by barbarians. These things happen. Sometimes you have to endure great hardships and move on to find a better place to live. These things happen, too. Thankfully, you’ve found a new place… Read More ›

A Review of Treasure Hunter

Written by Scott Bogen of The Board Game Show Two treasures of disparate worth are waiting to be plundered within three different environments: the Frosty Mountains, the Tangled Jungle and the Lava Cave. The mere existence of treasures and challenging… Read More ›