New DungeonQuest to be More Dangerous! Wait. What?!

Death. Death. Death. And also, Death.

Death. Death. Death. And also, Death.

Nearly a week ago, Fantasy Flight Games announced the second edition of Dungeonquest. I had played a friend’s copy of this game when it first arrived on the scene — the 1st edition — and the difficulty was almost laughable. We truly did enjoy the chaotic absurdity of it all, and played it a couple of times (primarily because I died on the first tile), but the deadliness and randomness didn’t compel me to buy it for myself.

Now along comes the Second Edition! The one thing that struck me in their write up was the following:

“[W]e’ve updated and revamped elements of the game to give you an even more dangerous dungeon to explore.”

Whaaaaaaaat??!! A “MORE DANGEROUS” dungeon to explore??!!

I’m not so sure that was the selling point I wanted to hear from Fantasy Flight Games. What I wanted to hear was, “We have eliminated some of the luck elements in the second edition to deliver a more dynamic, yet still dangerous player-driven experience.”

Nope. Not hearing that at all.

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