Review of Forbidden Desert

forbiddendesertThis is my very first board game review in video form, which I hope is the first of many. While I have been writing board game reviews and talking about games on The Board Game Show podcast for nearly two years now, I’ve decided to share my ugly face.

I hesitate a bit in calling this first video a “review” of Forbidden Desert, as doing so may in fact stretch the meaning of the word. I did spend a lot of time (too much, perhaps) talking about HOW to play the game. Maybe “overview” is a better word? Frankly, with video camera in hand and the game sitting there, it’s difficult not to take that approach, and I think it’s reasonable to assume many viewers want to know the game’s core mechanics. Yes?

Whatever the case may be, my goal is to capture more of the “feel” of board games that I’m playing as I produce future videos. We’ll see how that goes.

Let’s begin now, shall we?

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