Please Listen Inside My Car

podcastIn Episode 30, Scott Bogen and Keith Matejka sit inside Scott’s car in front of an Indian restaurant to bring you more board game talk and podcast excellence. Madison’s Gamehole Con and Protospiel are discussed. Scott suggests a new card type for Roll Player, and Keith shares his worst game design pitch. Plus, a shout out to Jeremy, our listener. All this and more. Let’s begin now, shall we?

Stream Episode 30 (Please Listen Inside My Car) below, visit iTunes, Stitcher, or grab the mp3 file.

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  1. So what’s the name of the restaurant?

  2. In the podcast Scott mentioned a race game which is on Kickstarter but I couldn’t catch its name. Can you please tell me what it was?

  3. At first I was a bit dismayed that you’d moved from a magazine format, with the aformentioned cocktails section, to a simpler two handed discussion especially as you were one of the few gaming podcasts who talked about wargames. However, so long as you keep the episodes short, though, then the new format works well. Beer would certainly be good but haven’t you already covered this in the past?

    • Never did a beer episode, but frankly, I like the cocktails more!

    • I’m more beholden to the “talent” (Ash and Chris) and what they want to talk about. Ash is drinking more wine and beer these days. I’ll try to straighten him out, though!

    • I really like the old format, but it was extremely time consuming. I’m hoping to create a hybrid at some point that meets the current format and the old format somewhere in the middle. Will have to see.

      • I can certainly imagine that editing those episodes would be very time consuming and the quality was always very high. Unlike some podcasters you always seemed to have the right volume balance for music and speech and that made it easy to listen to (no having to scrabble for the volume dial whilst concentrating on driving). To be honest any output is welcome and appreciated.

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