Shelf Survey and Board Game Bling

podcastIn episode 29, Keith surveys Scott’s game shelf. Plus, online trolls are discussed, favorite LCGs, as well as blinging out your board games. Also, board game therapy. Games and other topics discussed in this episode include, Dead of Winter, Zombie Dice, Invasion from Outer Space, Vast, Android Netrunner, Star Wars LCG, Mansions of Madness, Broken Token, Meeple Realty, and the perceived value of selling board games with painted miniatures. All this and more. Let’s begin now, shall we?

Stream Episode 29 (Shelf Survey and Board Game Bling) below, visit iTunes, or grab the mp3 file.

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2 replies

  1. You sold those little alien guys? With the transparent helmets???

  2. Dang, Dude! Now I feel bad and want them back… But yes, I sold them. My friends I usually play games with weren’t nuts about Invasion from Outer Space. I thought it was really cool. What’s more fun than playing a dancing bear who rips up aliens? Seriously, maybe I need new friends. Lol

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