When Disney and Talisman Collide

JafarBe honest. When was the last time you asked yourself, “Am I getting enough ‘Disney’ when I play Talisman?” I’m guessing your answer is “never,” but that hasn’t stopped the creativity wheels from turning over at the Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy blog.

According to the site, “Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy is an unofficial guide to the world beyond Disney, exploring the original stories and sources of beloved films and attractions, alongside thought-provoking essays and other fun stuff!”

One such exploration brings a host of popular Disney characters to life for use with the Talisman board game. You only need to print and play the updated character templates. I imagine using Disney characters would be a great way to introduce reluctant, or Disney-obsessed kids into the wide world of fantasy board games. Plus, it might be a great way to get some extended life out of the 10,000 Disney figures and toys strewn all over your kid’s bedroom.

Of course, no game of Disney Talisman would be complete without wallpapering over the not-so-Disney Crown of Command objective, so the website’s creators designed some alternative endings, such as Maleficence the Dragon and The Black Cauldron.

Check out a selection of these creative characters and endings below, and then head over to Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy to view the full cast, and download them for your next Disneyfied Talisman game night. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah!










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