Roll Player and Keith Matejka

In episode 24, Scott Bogen talks to game designer Keith Matejka about his latest design, Roll Player, where players compete to create the greatest fantasy adventurer. Keith also talks about his love for Fallout, as well as a chance encounter… Read More ›

Review of The 5th Land

Written by Scott Bogen of The Board Game Show podcast FIND THIS NEW GAME ON KICKSTARTER! What board gamer hasn’t had a conversation with a non-board gamer that goes something like this: “So what do you like to do in… Read More ›

Let Your Negativity Shine in Stipulations

Dustin Bluhm of Black Light Games is convinced that there’s nothing funnier than ruining your friends’ dreams. To share that vision and the hilarity that follows, he created Stipulations, the party game where players stifle superpowers, crush careers, limit lifetime supplies,… Read More ›

A Review of Scoville

Written by Scott Bogen of The Board Game Show podcast Imagine you’re a resident of Scoville where everyone is crazy about hot peppers, so much so that the city hosts an annual chili pepper festival in honor of Wilbur Scoville,… Read More ›