Smoke & Mirrors Micro Game

smoke2Written by Scott Bogen of The Board Game Show podcast

We had a chance to play a review copy of this interesting little bluffing game recently. Smoke & Mirrors features just 18 cards total, separated by color into three different stacks of six cards each. Your hand comprises one card of each color. Going around the table, you (a magician) lay down 1 or more of your cards face down and claim a number. The first player must claim “one.” The second player must claim “two” and so on. If you pass, you skip a number. If at any time you don’t believe the former player’s claim, you may challenge it. Following a challenge, one of you will be out!

It’s fast-playing and the artwork is terrific.

This game is currently being sold in a group of micro games on Kickstarter. You can buy this game individually for just $8, or support the whole lot of the Button Shy Wallet Series for only $21.

Hurry, though, you have less than a day remaining to act! Here’s the Kickstarter link!

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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to bring this Kickstarter to your attention.

    Chibi, steampunk, underwater goodness.

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