Awakening The Uwe

Episode 6 features game designer Uwe Eickert of Academy Games. Eickert discusses ongoing work on their upcoming Gettysburg game, the Conflict of Heroes series and solo expansion, as well as other games in progress. I also talk to designer Philip… Read More ›

Spiked Eggnog Ho Ho Ho

In this spiked eggnog holiday episode of The Board Game Show we head to our neighborhood game store and hear a wide range of board game ideas for your holiday gift-giving and receiving plans. I review the adult party game,… Read More ›

Not A Gen Con Preview

The second episode of The Board Game Show, titled Not a Gen Con Preview, includes a review of 1812, The Invasion of Canada, some brief Axis and Allies talk in Warfare with Jeff, a succulent drink recipe that fuses the… Read More ›