Scoville and Mob Town

In Episode 13 of The Board Game Show, Scott Bogen interviews designer Ed Marriott about his game of hot pepper farming, called Scoville, now on Kickstarter. Marriott also gives us a sneak peak at another game he is working on…. Read More ›

Four Times In One Night

In episode 11 of The Board Game Show, Author Chris-Rachael Oseland talks about her book Wood for Sheep, The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook. Scott Bogen reviews the latest Resistance installment, Coup, as well as a nearly 50-year-old, mold-ridden game of Probe… Read More ›

Awesome In The Pants

In episode 9 of The Board Game Show, Awesome In The Pants, Scott Bogen interviews the designer of Blocks In The East, Emanuele Santandrea. Kevin Sharp from The Big Board wargaming Website joins the Warfare team. Scott, Ash and a… Read More ›

Chickens in the Backyard

Episode 7 features an un-boxing of B-29 Superfortress. Yes, an actual un-boxing in a podcast! What could be better? Oh, right, maybe a video? Game designer Abigail Elizabeth tells us about her new game, Sum Wars, now on Kickstarter. In… Read More ›