Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 Funding on Kickstarter

Dual Powers is a 1-2 player, card-driven, area-control strategy game set during the time of the Russian Revolution. Dual Powers is nearly 40% funded with two weeks to go in the campaign.

Full disclosure:  I’m currently working for this game’s publisher, Thunderworks Games, but I have a cool story to tell.

Two years ago — well before working for Thunderworks Games — I had the opportunity to play an early prototype of Dual Powers. I was hooked, and following my first game I said, “I would buy this game off the shelf right now!”

Yes, it’s that good. Even though I thought the game was ready for prime time, the designer Brett Myers and the publisher Keith Matejka wanted more refinement and improvement. Now THAT’S how to design a game! What I’m saying is Dual Powers has been playtested, playtested and playtested again and again. It’s ready, and I can tell you it is a blast to play.

Each game promises a tense, 20-45 min. game with tons of strategic subtleties and depth. In terms of enjoyment, I would put Dual Powers on par with some of my current favorite two-player games, such as 7 Wonders Duel, Twilight Struggle, 13 Days and the classic Lost Cities. Dual Powers also features a challenging solo mode that can scale up to six levels of difficulty!

I encourage you to at least take a look. Here’s the Kickstarter link!

Briefly, in Dual Powers, 1-2 players direct the forces of either the Petrograd Soviet or Provisional Government. Using a hand of Command Cards, players struggle for dominance on a map of Petrograd through political action, social maneuvering, and military conflict. The player with the most support at the end of the game will shape Russia’s future and either launch or suppress the impending Civil War.


Early Praise for Dual Powers

“Super Dynamic…. creates for really fun head-to-head play.”
Eduardo Baraf, Pencil First Games

“[I]t’s tuned like a fine Stradivarius… I’m beyond smitten.”
Nick Bentley, North Star Games

“Players will continually explore layers of deep strategy every time it hits the table!”
Derek Funkhouser, Boardgame Spotlight

“It’s an engine I like very much, a mechanic I like very much… This is a fun game…”
Marco “Wargamer” Arnaudo, Game Reviewer

“Can’t wait to see this in print!”
Jeph Stahl, co-designer of Academy Games’ Birth of America series


Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 is designed by Brett Myers. Illustrations are by Kwanchai Moriya and graphic design is by Luis Francisco. Dual Powers would be Thunderworks Games’ fourth published title behind other successfully funded Kickstarters, including Roll Player: Monsters & Minions, Roll Player, and Bullfrogs.

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  1. Great article man. I love the friggin game ad have been telling everyone aboit it and posting everywhere trying to spread the word. Starting to worry it won’t get funded 😦

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