I’m Glad That Conflict Brings You Joy

mediciScott Bogen and Keith Matejka begin with a brief discussion of some video games they’ve been playing. Scott talks about attending CabinCon, a private gaming convention in the north woods. Two Rooms and a Boom is mentioned, as well as Tikal, Medici, Ra, ’65 (Vietnam), and Star Wars Destiny. Scott and Keith also talk about changing games to suit your play style, including how Scott and his friends wimp out on Eldritch Horror and aim to make it easier. All this and more. Let’s begin now, shall we?

Stream Episode 36 (I’m Glad That Conflict Brings You Joy) below, visit iTunes, Stitcher, or grab the mp3 file.

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  1. The reason you pay to play at gencon I think is too make sure you show up for your game. Also the person running the game gets a little bit.

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