I admit that I’ve been drawn in by the name of this game, “…And Then We Held Hands,” but it turns out it is just a skin on an excellent tactical movement game. From the author, Geoffrey Greer:

“What it is NOT is a game “about relationships,” failing or otherwise. This is a game of pure movement coordination. This is not to say that a themeless or purely mechanical game is “bad”—there’s plenty of enthusiasm for pure abstracts. But in the case of …and then, we held hands, the “skin” (and the title) are very misleading and may, in fact, be hurting the game in terms of its sales and general appeal.”

The full review can be found on Past Go:

Past Go Gaming & Geeking HAS MOVED!

hands 1Designer:  David Chircop & Yannick Massa
Artists: Marie Cardouat
Publisher: LudiCreations
Players: 2
Playing Time: 15 – 30 minutes

Complexity: light/fun
Random Interference: low
Components: A
Aesthetics: A
Overall: A

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