Andy, Andrew and The Leaf Blower Man


In Episode 16, Scott Bogen recaps his summer by resurrecting 30-Second Review (Flash Point) and talks about an amazing chance encounter with Andy and Andrew, reviews Lost Legacy: The Starship, and shares a previously unreleased, horrifying audio clip of the crazy leaf-blower man.

Also in this episode, a review of Eight-Minute Empire. In our Warfare segment, 3D Battle Cry at Gen Con 2014 is discussed, and Kevin of The Big Board talks about the Napoleonic game, The Last Days of the Grande Armee. Ash Green returns for our cocktails segment and introduces James Bond’s Vesper Martini. Finally, Scott, Ash, Chris and Mike play a round of Knee Jerk, a new card game available on Kickstarter. Let’s begin now, shall we?

Stream Episode 16 below, visit iTunes, or grab the mp3 file.

Links to information featured in this episode:

Eight-Minute Empire

The Last Days of the Grande Armee

Lost Legacy: The Starship

Flash Point

Knee Jerk

James Bond’s Vesper Martini

Battle Cry

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