A Warfighter Story and Review — Baker and the Drug Huts

What follows is a thematic story “review” based on my recent solitaire session of Warfighter by DVG. Warfighter is a card-based tactical game of modern warfare, focusing on smaller groups of soldiers who are undertaking missions through enemy territory. As… Read More ›

A Review of The King is Dead

When a game promises “politics and power struggles in the dark Arthurian Britain” and only eight actions per player, per game, the money flies out of my wallet. The promise of simple game mechanics that belie a deeper, strategic experience… Read More ›

Little Nellie Miniatures Game

Outfit your own “Little Nellie” in this tactical miniatures game of cat and mouse in the skies above Blofeld’s nefarious volcano lair. Can you outwit your opponent’s helicopters and goons with your nimble arsenal of flame throwers, aerial mines, rockets,… Read More ›